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File Transfer Protocol

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) was initially used in Unix systems a number of years ago to copy and move shared network files. 

With the development of the Internet, FTP found broader application in uploading and downloading online data, and especially posting websites on ISP servers. 

These tasks can now be performed by a special program called FTP Clients.  While the operating system of MS Windows contains a built-in FTP client system, it has failed to gain popularity and can only run in command line mode. 

Before choosing an FTP program, it is especially important to look for a solution that delivers a full range of options for files and folders both on local computer systems and FTP servers, 
such as uploading , downloading, moving,  deleting and modifying file properties.  All other features are helpful, but non-essential options which tend to clutter the interface and usually duplicate the functions of other programs.