FTP Protocol
FTP Commands
FTP Error Codes
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FTP Commands

Depending upon the version of FTP and the Operating System being used each of the following commands may or may not work. Generally typing -help or a ? will list the commands available to you.
Command  Information
! Using this command you will have the capability of toggling back and forth between the operating system and ftp. Once back in the Operating System generally typing exit will take you back to the FTP command line.
? Access the Help screen.
abor Abort Transfer
append Append text to a local file.
ascii Switch to ASCII transfer mode
bell Turns bell mode on / off.
binary Switches to binary transfer mode.
bye Exits from FTP.
cd Changes directory.
cdup Change to parent directory on remote system
close Exits from FTP.
cwd Change working directory on remote system
dele Delete file on remote system
delete Deletes a file.
debug Sets debugging on / off.
dir Lists files if connected.

dir -C = Will list the files in wide format.
dir -1 = Lists the files in bare format in alphabetic order
dir -r = Lists directory in reverse alphabetic order.
dir -R = Lists all files in current directory and sub directories.
dir -S = Lists files in bare format in alphabetic order.

disconnect Exits from FTP.
get Get file from the computer connected to.
glob Sets globbing on / off.
hash Sets hash mark printing on / off
help Access the Help screen and displays information about command if command typed after help.
lcd Displays local directory or if path typed after lcd will change local directory.
list Send a list of file names in the current directory on the remote system on the data connection.
literal Sends command line
ls Lists files if connected.
mdelete Multiple delete
mdir Lists contents of multiple remote directories
mget Get multiple files
mkd Make directory.
mkdir Make directory.
mls Lists contents of multiple remote directories.
mode Specifies the transfer mode. Available parameters are generally S, B or C.
mput Sent multiple files
nlst Send a full directory listing of the current directory on the remote system  on the data connection.
open Opens address.
pass Supplies a user password. 
port Specify the client port number.
prompt Enables disables prompt.
put Send one file
pwd Print working directory
quit Exits from FTP.
quote Send arbitrary ftp command
recv Receive file
retr Get file from remote system.
remotehelp  Get help from remote server
rename Renames a file
rmdir Removes a directory
send Send single file
status Shows status of currently enabled / disabled options
trace Toggles packet tracing
type Set file transfer type
user Send new user information
verbose Sets verbose on / off.

About FTP Commander Software

The program is error-sensitive and automatically corrects mistakes made by users. Other programs tend to use different input and setting formats to access the FTP server.  FTP Commander Pro was designed to be smart and sensible software.  It will enter the right address even if you attempt to connect using any one of the following formats. 


For example, if you make a mistake and enter a blank space in the address, the program will automatically remove it from the address, as well as any other inadmissible symbols, and will correct the address while the connection is in progress. 

The program is compatible with virtually all types of servers and allows you to frame a special server response format and a rule for reading the list of server-based files and folders.  The most frequent connections  can be saved and subsequently entered by single- clicking the mouse.  The program can save the default folders both for remote servers and local computers.

Should you require special commands not available in the program, all you have to do is go to "custom commands", which can be saved for later use. 

And last but not least, you will be amazed that such a powerful program comes in such a tiny package.

The trial version of the program can be downloaded at: www.internet-soft.com